Summer Sale and some Etsy thoughts

I am an active Etsy seller since 2015. I love Etsy, although the last couple of years it has changed a lot. From a big happy boho carefree community, it tries to become a profitable big e-commerce corporation.

Back in 2015, Etsy was a crafter- friendly place and one of the top-ranking companies to work for. A place where creative people, could meet other people of the same mind. A place for people who loved handmade, but did not have the necessary skills or time to be creative themselves. A place where you could find unique items, from all over the globe.

This is why a strong community was created around Etsy. And Etsy was supporting this philosophy with all its means. We had teams of fellow creators, active forums, events….. anything that promoted the human face behind the items.

BUT, in our modern world, this is not a recipe of success. Success measured in monetary terms, to be more precise. So Etsy started to make changes. First the CEO: we got a new one - a highly successful manager. He is such a nice figure - a calm personality with a soothing voice. Then we reduced the number of employees. Still one of the best working environments, but with a fraction of people working there. And lastly we started the massive changes. Etsy sellers should be professionals, with exceptional marketing, super wow customer service, amazing packaging and of course products that could sell cheap and generate repeated sales.

If this description makes you think the definition of a modern corporation, you are correct. Etsy now does not need you to make the item by hands - it is permitted to use drop ship (the item is produced and shipped by a third party and the seller never sees or handles it), to have employees, to use “partners” (mass production) in the construction of your items. And the good news are that Etsy is now profitable, the shareholders are happy, there are great bonuses for the board of directors.

But in this picture there is no place for crazy-hair crafters and dirty-hand artists. There is no place for active communities, as people became competitive brands, and try to get their small share of the profit.

I do not want to be a drama queen, but I cannot see my journals, as a commodity. I am a book artist, and I love each book I make. They are a part of me. They have a bit of my soul. This is why I am trying to find some Etsy alternatives. This site and this blog is one of them. Perhaps I will not have so much traffic, but I will be able to do what I want, in the way that I want to.

Anyway, in two weeks I am leaving on vacation, and this year I do not want to have half on my mind in my Etsy shop. So I will put my shop on vacay for the first time, since it was opened. Imagine, I did not put it on vacation when my daughter died, but now I am fed up, and I need some rest.

So until then, I decided to run a sale. Until 08/01, it is your chance to be the owner of one of my journals, in a much lower price as usual. And for this price, you do not buy just a journal. You are getting a part of my spirit, a part of my soul, and the love and care which had made me what I am. Myrto - the book artist.

New Collection: Shabby Old White

A tale as yet white 3thumb.jpg

I always wanted to make a book in old white. But I am a color person, so no matter how hard I tried, color had its way to slip in my composition. This time, I just decided to clear up my desk from my previous project and when I wiped one of my brushes on a piece of cloth, this amazing color combination appeared! It has a little bit of brown and some beige, lace white and a hint of yellow.

This single brushstroke is the sole responsible of the creations of several journals and boxes! Isn’t it amazing when you are inspired by something so trivial as cleaning your brushes? Oh yeah! It feels so good to be an artist!

And they lived, happily ever after..........

Just a few days before the Easter vacation, I received a mail from a young woman who was getting married. She wanted to have this book for the wedding as a guest book and insta photo album. Normally, I need a month or more to make it, but the wedding was scheduled for the coming week.

I initially said no, but she was so sweet, and she reminded me of my own rush wedding. So, I said yes. And I made it in a week. And I am very happy I did it!

Creating a gift for a Doctor

Doctors are always tricky, when you want to express your gratitude. Money may be considered as bribe, clothing is too personal, you never know their preference in music, books etc……..


I wanted to make a very impressive gift to my dad’s doctor, but I could think of nothing. Blank. Zero. Nada.

Until a thought crossed my mind. Book Folding. oh yeah! It is a gift for his office, not personal but valuable and respectful and it will show my gratitude. Ha! if only he knew how many hours, it took me to make it!

But it came out really nice and i am very very happy with my gift. And looks like he is very happy too, as it is proudly displayed on the best place of his library!